In the midst of this challenging pandemic situation, most countries have implemented severe lockdowns and economic shutdowns, affecting not just the country’s economic growth but also one of its most important educational systems. In this circumstance, kids will not be able to attend an offline school. The Edu-tech sector is expanding and developing at a faster rate, with the majority of teaching and learning styles moving online. However, there are other obstacles, such as the disparity between the wealthy and the poor, and cheap access to skilled teachers.

Shashi Dream Foundation has taken a great step in this direction by bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots through the medium of Digital Paathshala (classroom). It is building a great network and assisting many students who cannot afford such a digital transition of education, and it is even trying its hardest to educate these students. We have all we need, and now is the time to give our all to aid these poor kids who are unable to study due to financial constraints, and be a reason for someone else’s happiness. We can clearly see how many families are in dire financial straits as a result of the crisis who even can’t afford to buy food so we can analyze from it how they can afford up their child’s education.

In this time of crisis, the Shashi Dream Foundation has not only educated over a million students from underprivileged backgrounds, but has also provided them with notebooks and other educational materials, as well as starting career counselling sessions for many of them, which is a fantastic initiative to assist all those who are unsure about their future. It is a government-approved NGO that works on the ground to better the lives of many people and believes in serving society in reality rather than for the sake of a name or to show off someone. So, why not lend a helping hand and donate our best for this digital Paathshala?So, as we can all see it’s the need of hour to contribute to society by helping these kids and not only saving our present but also future as our future is in hands of such students only. “You get one life but your small contribution and donation could definitely shape lives of many.” Donate at Shashi Dream Foundation and help in making dreams true of the one who needs it the most.

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