Shashi Care

Women undoubtedly play a vital role in any society, and are considered to be the backbone of the society. May it be Caretaker, Farmer, an Educator or an Entrepreneur, they have proved their mettle in almost all the sectors during recent time. It therefore becomes our sheer responsibility to ensure their health and contribute towards their welfare. It has been observed that these parameters are overlooked especially when it comes to Menstrual health. Menstruation is one of the few key processes in women’s life.

Around 88% of women in India have no option but to use homemade alternatives of Sanitary pads, which is totally unhygienic and leads to various health complications in women.We at Shashi Dream Foundation understand the gravity of the situation and have decided to strongly respond to it by initiating a campaign under our umbrella known as “Shashi Care”. We aim to create awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and health issues among majorly affected underprivileged sections of the society.

Impact Made

Every year Shashi Dream Foundation observes “Women’s Day” by distributing Sanitary napkins to women in need. So far, we have organized more than 16 awareness drives in Zila Parishad School, where we have been successfully able to distribute more than 300 Sanitary Napkins to women in need.