Shashi Pathshala

Shashi Pathshala  is a dedicated educational space which is developed in order to encourage underprivileged kids towards education. Through Shashi Pathshala, we provide a safe learning space to kids who are in need. Currently there are two branches. First one is situated at Katol, in which there are around 40 students enrolled, and the second branch is at Sawargaon (Village) which has 60 enrolled students. These two branches combined make the family of more than 100+ children.Shashi Patshala aims to prepare children for real life problems through Education and develop social skills in them, with a hope that this will ultimately help them lead a much better life.

Impact Made

Digital Classroom in Sawargaon village is going to change the course of the learning process and bridge the existing socio-economic gap. We firmly believe that every child should be bestowed with equal opportunities and financial disparity shouldn’t be the reason a student is missing out on opportunity, this belief led us to start Digital Classrooms for children under our Shashi Pathshala wing.