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Choosing a career path after 10th and 12th has been a big dilemma for students over the years and has always given sleepless nights to them. This is a crucial time which decides the future of the students, and plays a vital role in building the career of any student. It is extremely important for students to understand their area of Interest and take an informed decision based on it. Career counselling is a blessing for students going through this phase of life. Career counseling professionals put together all the required information, and can help students to narrow down to very few options to choose from. However, not all students have the means to afford such services. 

At SDF we believe that no child should be deprived of career counselling just because of their economic situation. SDF regularly organizes career counselling sessions, featuring mentors and speakers across various industries.

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Our expert and experienced career counselors help choose the right career path for you.

Feeling Confused about which career to choose!! So, it is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses before selecting your career goal, which can be achieved with career guidance.

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Are you passionate about helping students in making them aware of their objectives? If you have the skills and experience and you want to change the course of a student’s life, pair with our Mentors team and become the guiding light for the students.

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Has successfully organized more than 85 career counselling sessions in more than 14 phases. We have been able to reach around 0.1 million students through Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.